Lumiceutical Light Therapy

What is infrared or light therapy?


Light therapy, also known as photobiomodulation, is the application of specific wavelengths of light applied to the skin to affect positive change in the body. There are many studies on its benefit and efficacy, and it is currently being used in clinical and home settings around the globe. Light therapy has been in use by medical professionals globally for more than 50 years.


What is harmonic light therapy?


Harmonic light therapy is defined as the application of specific wavelengths of light that are pulsed at harmonic resonant frequencies to synergistically apply the benefits of light and resonance to the mind, body, and spirit.


Can anyone use light therapy?


The light energy systems from LumiCeuticals can be used safely without medical supervision by an individual at home or by a health professional in a clinical setting. The sessions are affordable, completely safe, and non-invasive. As is the case with many modalities, if you have a medical condition; are pregnant; epileptic or prone to seizures; are light sensitive; are being treated for cancer; or are taking any medications that cause light sensitivity such as Tetracycline, please consult your doctor regarding the use of any light therapy.


Do LumiCeuticals Light Therapy systems require a prescription from a physician?


No. LumiCeuticals harmonic light therapy systems do not require a prescription. Anyone may purchase a system without prescription. However, if you wish to receive treatment at a clinic with polychromatic or infrared light therapy your insurance or Medicare usually requires a prescription or referral to the facility to be reimbursed under your health plan. Due to the growing research showing strong efficacy, some insurance companies are covering the purchase of a light therapy device for home use when the medical diagnosis warrants its regular use. There are many studies available on under “photobiomodulation” and “low level light therapy.”


What happens when the LumiCeutical equipment is used?


LumiCeuticals systems include pads of infrared, red, orange, yellow, green, and blue light diodes that create a comforting warm feeling under the pads.  Our pads containing red and near infrared light are FDA cleared as medical over the counter devices for the temporary increase of circulation and relief of pain.  The red and near infrared light supports a return to balance in the body as they:

  • Dilates the blood vessels to temporarily increase circulation.
  • Increase the induction of nitric oxide, ATP, and oxygenation which produces a light and mild warmth while temporarily relieving pain.

Additionally, people may experience many ways the body returns to balance including:

  • Decrease in local swelling
  • Decrease in inflammation
  • Decrease muscle spasms and tightness
  • Decreased tension
  • Increased range of motion
  • Increased lymph drainage
  • Increased venous dilation and flow


Diabetic patients and clients with peripheral neuropathy typically may experience an increase in sensation to pressure and hot/cold.


How does Light Therapy increase circulation?


The photo energy induces the body to release more nitric oxide from the hemoglobin and possibly surrounding tissue.  Nitric oxide is a signaling molecule that is known to relax smooth muscle cells found in the arteries, veins, capillaries, and lymph vessels.  When these muscles relax, they dilate the blood vessels, thus allowing increased circulation.


How does the LumiCeutical light system reduce pain?


Nitric oxide has been shown to be essential for wound healing even if chronic or traumatic.  Scientific literature shows that nitric oxide promotes collagen synthesis, collagen fibril alignment, and angiogenesis.  Nitric oxide is also a neurotransmitter.


What is the difference between an LED and a low-level laser?

Both contain diodes (a little light with two wires connected to a filament inside) that can be made of the same materials, usually silicon with specific minerals added in specific amounts to produce different colors. In laser, the diode is mounted in well-shaped areas (like a small tin can with one-end removed) that are lined with reactive material that send, generally, only one wavelength of light. The result is a narrow beam of light that is concentrated in a beam, referred to as coherent light.  However, when using low power levels (soft lasers) the light energy does not remain coherent and scatters when it hits the skin. This is given as the explanation why LEDs and low-level laser devices have similar healing effects. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. The light is spread out over the area of the body giving it a very safe level of light energy. LEDs have been used on newborn babies in hospitals for decades. LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission by Radiation. With laser the beams of light are very concentrated and intense and must be used carefully. LED can be used safely over the eyes and thyroid. Research has shown that the more diodes, the more effective the induction of Nitric Oxide in the vascular system of the body. Lasers typically have few diodes. LumiCeuticals systems with 3 or more pads typically have at least 500 diodes to support strong Nitric Oxide induction.


What colors of LED work best?


To date, the wavelengths with some of the most researched safety and efficacy are in the blue, red and near infrared spectrum between 440-950 nanometers. Research has shown this range of light to bring an increase ATP production in the mitochondria, increase ROS without DNA damage, increase Nitric Oxide induction, affect calcium ion channels assisting in osteoblast activity, and to positively affect cell regeneration factors with an increase in migration, differentiation and a decrease in apoptosis or cell death. Blue light from LEDs has long been effective in treating jaundice of newborns and more recently the anti-pathogenic effect of blue light has been shown in research with acne, MRSA, and wound healing. The Blue-Turquoise range close to 465nm has been found to support balanced circadian rhythm function which can affect sleep and mood. Red, orange and near infrared light support cell regeneration and collagen production and can have FDA clearance to treat fine lines and wrinkles.  Green light is showing promise with helping to manage chronic pain signaling.


Why are the LumiCeutical systems pulsing the light wavelengths?


Pulsed equipment has been found to be more effective than non-pulsed. Light is revealing itself to be an ideal way to deliver harmonic frequency to the entire body with ease and speed. The basic systems of LumiCeuticals offer the harmonic frequencies from Dr. Paul Nogier’s long standing research as well as Solfeggio whole tone frequencies which create an ideal environment for de-stressing the body and sending positive communication to the body on a quantum level. The advanced light systems from LumiCeuticals offer customizable frequency selections for more specific application of harmonic resonance frequencies. Disease and illness represent a body out of balance. Harmonic frequency and light together support the mind, body, and spirit’s ability to heal multi-dimensionally.


21-30 min - $50 Stand alone treatment

21-30 min - $30 Add-On to any treatment

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