Kind Words

The reviews are in! Please check out the opinions of our guests about the range of services and packages we offer here at Advanced Wellness. We strive to bring you the very best in care, and we think that the reviews below will reflect our commitment to excellence.


"I have been a loyal client of Jodi's for over 15 years.  As a competitive runner and avid skier—downhill and cross country--I rely on Jodi to work on my minor injuries as well as normal stiffness.  Most importantly, I love that she always asks me what I need worked on to keep me active. She also has a variety of ways to achieve that whether it’s foot zone, bioelectric massage, or sports massage"  -- JP


“Jodi’s Foot Zone Therapy is a true treat for me.  I am a massage therapist and am on my feet for long hours.  The Foot Zone treatment relieves tension in my feet as well as in my body and eases emotional stress.  The essential oils Jodi uses, helps me on an energetic level. I find Jodi very caring, accommodating, listening to your needs which makes my sessions very pleasant. Her office is very clean and nicely decorated…a real treat!” -- Gay L


“Being a multi-medium artist, I need regular massages! I have been receiving Bio-Electric massage from Jodi and it works like a deep tissue massage without the discomfort of deep tissue work. This therapy is the most comprehensive I have ever received and Jodi is the most amazing and caring massage therapist!  I recommend her wholeheartedly!”  -- J. Adams


"I have been utilizing Jodi Vaine Massage for over 10 years now, and for me, the reasons are time tested and true. From day one until now, her knowledge and competency of her trade are evidenced by her experience and the results that I get every visit. I have been to her for low back, shoulder, and hip issues, as well as neck and leg muscle issues, and just a general tune up. She is able to explain to me of the various muscles and nerves involved in my areas of pain and discomfort from cycling, running, skiing, and working. I consider her work on me a significant part of my health care and recovery. I find that she is also very caring, and passionate about her craft, and very skilled at it." -- Matt H.


“Jodi has been an asset to my health and well being for years.  Her skill, knowledge, and genuine concern has benefited me greatly during my recovery from a recent car accident. Thank you!” -- Barb


“I’m so blessed to have you working on my body. Your excellent work is so appreciated.  Thanks for your friendship! Peace and Love”  -- KR


“After being injured in a car accident, it was great to find a competent therapist who could help me work through my pain and provide the relief I needed.  Jodi is a very gifted massage therapist who utilizes several other therapeutic modalities to facilitate the healing process.  I always felt so much better after each session and my husband would comment that I was glowing! I highly recommend Jodi, she has the skills, compassion, empathy and enthusiasm to help you feel better."- EB 


Jodi is a very talented massage therapist who continually adds to her skill set. She has helped me with my chronic neck and shoulder issues with her many innovative techniques and advice. She has created a lovely environment in the room where she practices that is very calming.
Thank you for all your help.
I so appreciate it.
From a very happy client!


"I can't say enough about Advanced Wellness and the high quality of the services that Jodi provides. I rely on her to keep me going and always leave my appointments feeling 10 years younger. It's not just massage therapy but the entire spectrum of wellness services that she offers. I started seeing a massage therapist over 30 years ago and can honestly say Jodi is the most experienced and professional practitioner I have ever been to."  -  Mike W


"Jodi is AMAZING! Her Foot Zone treatment remains my most regular and treasured wellness experience… magically therapeutic and deeply relaxing. Plus her space is peaceful and clean and her personality warm and positive." A++++