A peaceful serene massage studio located in downtown Montrose, offering you excellent therapeutic massage.

While we're all hoping to regain some sense of normalcy, it's important to me to continue to do everything I can to not only stop the spread, but to reassure all clients that I am taking every precaution when it comes to keeping our community safe and healthy.


I don't take your trust lightly. And while vaccines certainly add a layer of protection, no vaccine is 100% effective and the length of immunity and efficacy against any future variants is still largely unknown.




You'll be asked to come in sparkly clean to your appointment.  I thoroughly disinfect all surfaces with a non-toxic disinfectant, before and after each client.


You are welcome to wipe down any surfaces before your session for your added comfort.  Hand sanitizer is readily available in all spaces in addition to foot operated trash bins.  I also do a thorough deep cleaning of the office daily.



There is a Dyson HEPA air purifier in the treatment room to keep the air clean and circulating.  When possible, I open the windows between clients for additional air flow. 


I can't wait to welcome you back for a massage during the pandemic. These are tough times, but we will get through them together. Please understand that future practice will be different from past work, but please know that safety is an important element of my therapy.  Any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out!


Featured Items & Specials

Therapeutic & Workers Comp Massage Photo

Therapeutic & Workers Comp Massage

70 min - $83.00   90 min - $113.00 For those that have sustained an injury or recovering from surgery, our                                                                                 massage treatments including neuromuscular massage, myofascial release,                                                                     trigger point therapy, and instrument assisted soft tissue releases to help                                                                            relieve muscle tension and release toxins.                                                                  For those that have sustained an on the job injury, I accept most state, local                                                                      and private Workers Comp insurance treating a variety of mild to severe                                                                              injuries.    

Foot Zone Therapy Photo

Foot Zone Therapy

60 min - $75.00 Foot Zoning is a method of accessing the energy points on the feet that correspond to the different systems of the body.  By stimulating these signals, Zoning allows the body to return to its original state of balance, which allows the body to heal. Foot Zone Therapy is also an energy modality.  This means that it works by utilizing energy pathways throughout the body.  These energy pathways have been accessible since the beginning of time.   The amazing thing about Foot Zoning is its ability to affect not only the                                                                                  physical body, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual body as well.  

Relaxing Signature Massage     Photo

Relaxing Signature Massage    

70 min - $80.00 90 min - $105.00 Relaxation signature massage is a relaxing and flowing massage to help                                                                             calm the nervous system and reduce tension.